Innovative Children's Outdoor Education in New Zealand.

Re-imagining Education for healthier children and a healthier planet

Talking Tree Hill is an outdoor educational facility based on gorgeous Waiheke island. We combine the wacky conscious creativity of Dr Seuss, the heart and soul of forest and bush Schools, the entrepreneurship and innovation of the Green School and the beauty of Reggio Emilia.

It’s time to re-imagine education.

Children Impacted

More than outdoor ed

TTH is
1. Parenting: Supporting parents by continually implementing new Playshops, providing transportation and subsidized programmes
2. Outdoors: Get kids outdoors, learning to be in it and respect it
3. DIY: Instilling & nourishing creativity, innovation, and imagination
4. Mindfulness: Teaching how to quiet the mind.
5. Food: Make sure kids are eating a rainbow.

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Selected as one of the top 100 education innovations in the world by the internationally recognized organization HundrED, in 2019.

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About TTH

The Mission.

We believe in advancing the holistic wellbeing of our children and their planet - locally, nationally, and globally. By promoting education that fosters the best relationship with themselves, others, and their planet, we collectively support children to develop and strengthen their knowledge and skills to self-orient in the world and to be Kaitiaki of their planet.


Outdoor Classes

Playshops. Your Child's Classroom Reimagined.

Over the past 3 1/2 years we have created an 18 acre outdoor educational facility where children partake in one day schools, after school programmes, and holiday programmes. We call these unique experiences Playshops. Playshops let kids and the planet grow. We challenge children to be them. To ‘sit in their element’… creating, innovating, moving, laughing and loving. It’s the work of kids!

Online Classes

Talking Tree Hill at Home.

We've built 6 full days of fun activities that your kiddos can do at home that will infuse some of the Talking Tree Hill spirit into your home life!

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Living on a Motu called Waiheke
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Natures HQ
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Saucer posies with Granny
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Wonderful Whittling

It’s time to develop our tamariki’s powerful inner voice, their integrity. Their connection to the land. They need us adults. We need them. The planet needs them to grow. Lets choose health, love and laughter for our children. It’s time to re-imagine education.



Ed Essays. Updates & Thoughts of Kirsten Simmons

Come read the thought and research essays by the founder of Talking Tree Hill.


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